Our Vision

Seeing. Reaching. Loving.

Our Mission

Our Ministry sees people as Christ sees them as we reach out to minister to their needs while loving them unconditionally.

In Matthew 25, beginning in verse 31, Jesus teaches how we are to help those in need, whether they are in need of clothes, food, prayer or visitation. Street Ministries 25:40 strives to live out this verse daily through different forms of support (physical, emotional or spiritual). We long to not only reach out, love and minister, but to build relationships that will bring another lamb home to the Great Shepherd. Jesus makes it clear in Matthew 25:40, that as we minister to the needs of others, we are doing it to Him.
Through our ministry we want to connect the lost, the disadvantaged or what the Hebrew calls the Anawim, back to the faith family so that maturity in Christ can take place.

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Blessed for Life: Psalm 25:1-7

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Today in Rockdale....

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Blessed for Life: Pray!

1 month ago

Sometimes for Sunday meals we keep it simple. We don't tend to do many meals of sandwiches but occasionally schedules, costs and other factors make the decision to do so. Today we didn't have ... See more

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