About Street Ministries 25:40

A Christian’s mission is to teach the Gospel where he/she may go.
We want to be “fishers of men” as Christ told the Apostles. With
this idea, we want to fulfill not only the Great Commission, but
also what Paul states in 2 Timothy 2:2 and that is to teach
Christians how to teach others and so on.

The Church is at a crucial time as the stats reveal a decline (5%)
in church attendance, number of people being saved and the
number of active congregations over the last 3 years. We must
awake to the need to domestic mission work.
Street Ministries 25:40 is a domestic mission that is here to serve
others as Christ did. In our work, we have helped numerous
homeless, people in need and worked with churches to form an
outreach ministry to reach the lost souls in local communities.

Our mission is set on helping congregations reach the lost in their
city by helping to introduce new soul-winning techniques that are
biblical based and not overbearing or complicated.
Street Ministries 25:40 is here to help local congregations,
individuals and church leaders learn steps to conduct personal
bible studies, how to approach and begin conversations and
relationships, ideas on outreach in different areas of your local
community and many other activities that help us live out the
Greatest Commands and the Great Commission.

1. Help, when possible, those that are homeless (Anawim) by

providing clothing (buy 1-1 donated), food (sale of bracelets and

caps), shelter (hotel, tents, etc– also sale of items) or other

necessities that are needed to survive current conditions.

2. Also through the sale of before mentioned items, to help

those that are currently experiencing a rough time in life.

(medical issues, fires, floods, etc)

3. Through teaching and hands-on workshops, showing

congregations how to conduct personal Bible studies and how

to approach those on the “street.” See insert for fees, etc.

4. Serve as advisers for others in their effort to live out the

Great Commission and The Passion for others.