Street Ministries 25:40 is always keeping an eye open to see how we can be a blessing to others. One way we like to help others is by donating funds to students/businesses/groups that are raising funds for something else. Case and point…a former family I know has a son selling tamales to raise funds for his class (senior year) in turn you get a dozen tamales for set amount ($10 in this case). In reaching out to the mom I asked if I buy a dozen, or 2 or 3, etc. can you take the tamales and donate them to someone/family in need? The response was…yes!

So, in “donating” funds to help a young man and his classmates, a family is getting food! We all have ways to help others or multiple people if we just look around and see how we can bless others!

Doing real church in the real world!!!

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