When SM2540 started, we really were focused on working strictly with the homeless.  However, God opened our eyes to another need that seemed to be neglected in our world and that is working with Churches to help them build a program for reaching the lost, which also would include the homeless.  Along with this, are those that are on “the bubble” of becoming homeless.  We all could fall into that label as at any moment a flood, tornado, fire or any circumstance can render anyone “homeless.”  Those that are on “the bubble” are ones who might have recently lost a job, had health issues or some other life event that wasn’t expected.  Churches try their best to help when the finances are available, but most of the time, it is just that, a financial gift with not much expected from the receiver.  That is where SM2540 can help!

God puts people in our paths, which most of the time we help with their physical and emotional needs.  But what about the Spiritual?  SM2540 wants to help your congregation recognize those types of situations as an opportunity to help in all 3 areas of a person’s life…physical, emotional and spiritual.  Didn’t Jesus do that as well?  Look at who he helped, the lessons that went along with the healings, and those that just needed Jesus.  Christ himself even teaches a lesson in Matthew 25 that those that will see heaven are those that helped the sick, the homeless, the hungry, the unclothed…even to the point of saying if you did it to any one of those you were actually doing to Jesus, himself (verse 40….25:40).

Let SM2540 be there to help begin the path of reaching the lost of your community with how to approach and begin a conversation and most importantly how to conduct one on one Bible studies.  That is part of our mission…seeing those in need, reaching out to help them and loving them unconditionally by showing them Jesus!  As we do this, we help the homeless, the people on “the bubble” and in return help ourselves see people through Jesus’ eyes!

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