My son always gives me a reason to chuckle. My son and I are so much a like and like most boys growing up he tried my patience, but he is, his father’s son.  No matter how many times we might have bump heads, he always new when I needed  to laugh. He also has that ability to insert a movie quote at the right time.  In my hardest times, both my kids in their own way kept me going.  Still, Pierce can get into Life pickles…ha!

One of the earliest memories of these moments happened when he was old enough to climb up a tree. We had some big trees in our yard and both kids would climb up. One problem for my son…. he wouldn’t climb down. Dad would then have to climb up and bring him down. After a few times, I finally decided if he was going to continue climbing up the tree, he was going to have to get down on his own. Here is basic replay of him learning the art of getting out of this pickle he had gotten himself in.

Pierce: Dad! Dad!! Ddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Me: (finally hearing him from inside the house) Yes sir?

Pierce: I need help getting down?
Me: How did you get up there?

Pierce: I climbed up here.

Me: Well, I told you last time that if you climbed up there again you would have to get down on your own.

Pierce: I need help, I can’t do it.

Me: What did I say?

Pierce: To get myself down.

Me: Ok. (I went back inside)

*** make story short…a lot more screaming from Pierce, I hear, watching from the window…***


10 minutes later Pierce comes in, doesn’t say a word and goes about his business.

Some lessons need to be learned on their own, other times we must stop and teach. I believe God does that as well. But it is for us to grow, and learn we can do things we didn’t think we could do. God will give us the abilities, the path, the necessary items we need if we just follow His path.
Pierce? He learned one lesson that he could  do it….but just the other day he told me, sometimes I just have to learn the hard way. That story is for next time..




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