It’s been awhile since I posted any of the stories with Preslie or Pierce. So, thought it was time to give an update.

It’s not so much now I have lunch with Preslie, but more of the evening dinner type. Usually it is custom, has been since she was young to have a daddy/daughter meal together. I enjoy these, even more so now that she is engaged to be married later this summer. Now our talks are more about grown up stuff and wedding updates. As a daddy, you are excited, but sad, overjoyed but worried….did I do well enough preparing her for this new “hood”, adulthood. But as always she surprises me with how much she has grown, even though I still see my little squirrel, that 5 year old eating her “chips and sammich”.

As a parent, you will always worry about things, but you also know that God has them, as long as they continue on His path. So, there “it” is, are they grounded in the Lord? Do they see Him as some white bearded task master, or a Loving and just Father that only wants to give good blessings. In my talking over meals, my prayer is that my daughter (and son…and bonus daughter) will always keep God number 1, so that she will be blessed no matter what this scary “hood” throws at her.

Pray for your children…and other kids, they need it. They will not always be that little 5 year old smiling at you…they grow up and have to have a sure foundation.


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