As a parent you love watching your kids learn and grow and provide plenty of laughter.  Now that two (kids) are now in their 20’s and being in this new “hood” called adulthood, I still am learning they are continuing to learn, grow and provide more laughter.


Preslie:  Dad, I am not sure what happened?

Me:  What do you mean “what happened”?

Preslie:  Well, I was headed to HEB to grab one of those salads and I ended up at Cane’s.

Me:  Well, sometimes that happens….lol


How many times have we made a plan and before we know it we are either headed in a different direction or the plan is totally changed?  Sometimes life is life is liked that.  As my daughter had planned on doing one thing, but for whatever the reason it changed and she ended up a different place and eating something that is totally different than a salad.

We have all probably seen the drawing or picture of our plan verses God’s plan.  Our plan is a straight line to our goal(s).  However, God’s plan sometimes causes us to do other routes.  These other routes might be to help us grow, because we are not ready for the prize.  Maybe it is a way to show us that our focus is wrong and we need to change our destination.  Whatever it might be, I believe God directs the path.  In fact, Paul in his second letter to the Thessalonians (3:5) “May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance.”  Looking at this passage our path’s, as Christians, is for us to follow the Love of God but also understand that just as Jesus had to overcome many hardships we will too.  This means our paths might not be a straight shot.  Satan is always trying to knock us off our destination.  If we remain faithful then our guide, Jesus, will lead us home!

As for my daughter, she got chicken in one form or another….just not her original plan!

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