Ok, so this is going to take some time to get used to posting something often and with some “meat.”  Basically, I need to set an alarm and also have something really cool to post.  So anytime there is just rambling of things happening that will be the title…hence, Ramblings 1.

Been a little slow last few days at Street Ministries 25:40 (now on referred to as SM2540).  It was great running into my good friend Nic Dunbar at our wive’s companies 45th anniversary party.  Some of you might not know Nic, but go and check out United Voice Worship and/or West Houston Church of Christ.  God has blessed him with a great voice!  Neat, thing is that through him he is passing our ministry on to the missions committee….so maybe there is a future partnership in the making!

We have helped numerous residents in the area, with gas for Dr. appointments, rent payment (limit of $100 per family), medicine, food and a few other odds and ends.

Mowing yards is still going on, even though the number of people that have called is really shocking.  One would think that free yard service would lead to the old phone “ringing off the hook,”  but I guess no one wants to save money….which is interesting because if no one is wanting to save….We here at SM2540 need your support!

Looking at beginning a Sunday afternoon service for some residents in town that would work better meeting them in an general area and not a “building.”  So keep that in your prayers.


Ok, so I will say that if I do ramblings, more than likely it won’t be grammatically correct or even words spelled right 100% of the time.  I will do my best, but since this is just my thoughts coming out, sometimes I just type and get it out and forget to double check things.  However, if it is a real article posted by myself (Jason Hale) or one of the other guys, we will be better.

Until next time..Do real chuch with real people in the real world!

For the Kingdom,


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