It might not look like much, but that old bike has seen some miles and got me where I needed to go. Bikes where the mode of transportation for me and my friends growing up. I had many bicycles growing up, but nothing compared to this one.
I remember the day my dad brought it to me, while I was at baseball practice. He decided to splurge on a really good bike, mainly because he was tired of buying me a new one ever couple of months, because I would literally break them from riding, jumping, wrecking, etc. This is a diamond back 2 model. It was an expensive price for my parents, but as I look back on that and actually think about it, I could fix it up and still ride it. So too me, this bike is priceless.
I feel the same about “people.” We might have been “rode hard and put up wet,” as my dad used too say about things that seemed worn out. Maybe sometimes we each feel that way, or like the way my bike looks in this picture. But you know, you, me, everyone has value. Sometimes we dont treat things right or maybe neglect it or even people. However, it doesnt take away the value people see in others or things. This bike means a lot to me. God’s people need to feel the same about each other. You mean (yes you if you are reading this) a lot too me. Why? Be cause you are created in God’s image. That is something worth investing time in to “help” “redo” and spend the time and effort for.

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