We have all seen pics like this one. Someone leaves a bicycle or other object laying against a tree and over time the tree starts to grow and “swallow” up the object.
As I looked at this tree and fence/gate, the words of Paul came to mind. Passages like 2 Timothy 2:8 or Romans 16:25, in which Paul said “my gospel.” Does he mean that he has something other than the gospel of Jesus? No, he preaches Jesus lived, died, buried, risen and is at the right hand of God. So why does Paul say “my” gospel? Because much like the fence in this pic, the Gospel of Jesus was consuming him, they were becoming one. That is what is meant by walking daily, dying to yourself daily and letting Christ shine through you. You and Christ become so intwined that you can’t see where “the fence” begins because of being taken over by the Tree….the Tree of Life.
So my challenge, become like Paul or in the pic the fence, and let Christ engulf your life!

Doing real church in the real world!

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