It has been a while since my last post….too long.  I apologize for that.

Since my lost post things are different, I guess I don’t have to elaborate on that issue, since 2020 started nothing has been the “same”  kind of like a new season of “Stranger Things”.  Alas, we shall get through this together….6 feet apart….hidden behind masks.

Everything is different.  Seeing so many of my ministry buddies having to totally change worship by going to online, then for some, sporadic seating, etc. Everything is different….except one thing, or should I say 3 things….GOD, Jesus and the Church?  Now it is time for the church to change approaches to their “normal” ministry.   We can’t use the excuse to stay behind our 4 walls and stop being “the church”.  We must progress, change….become DIFFERENT.  Now is the time to stand up and show others what it means to be God’s people.  Yet, do it in LOVE.  So in short, this or these things need to be different:  LOVE, EVANGELISM, COMMUNICATION, COMPASSION, SERVICE, KINDNESS, and I believe you get the picture.

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