Most people wouldn’t know what this is, in fact when I first saw it I didn’t even know what it was, but i did know it was old. How old? Well, if you can see it is has 1898 stamped into it. As of today this “contraption” is 121 years old. Crazy thing is it is still useful and works! At this point you are really anxious to know what is that old and still works….and better yet useful!
As I think about this in our Christian life/walk, I read in scripture all those men and women of old who were “along in years” and not once did they say they weren’t useful. Maybe they didnt think they could do what God ask them to do in the beginning, but the Father never asks us to do more than what He knows we can do…and that is use our gifts to fulfill His mission.
Just like this crazy pic of this item I have included, I wouldn’t use it to build a car or mow the yard, because that isn’t what it was designed for. What was it designed for….
To peel apples…..yes it is a peeler! As mentioned it still does work, however, I leave it where it is and serves as a reminder, that regardless of age or looks, it still functions as it was created. So should we as Christians use our gift(s). 1 Peter 4:10.

Doing real church in the real world!

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