Street Ministries 2540 truck magnet

“Signs Signs, Everywhere there’s signs” are just a few lyrics from a song made famous by Tesla the Band. However, no matter where you go… you see signs.  The picture I used today is of course from our ministry (SM2540) and it shows our name, the verse we get our motivation from (yes I know the book of the Bible is not listed — this is for conversation starters — ask us how!), the email address and the phone number.  But can you tell what is truly behind the “sign.” Do you know the philosophy or the reason?  Do you know the moral stance of those associated with a “sign?”  I am not just talking about Street Ministries 25:40, I am talking about any sign you see.  I can bring up a large corporation and you would probably know their “tag” line.  Our’s is “Doing real church in the real world.”  What does that even mean?  (We are not saying that churches are not being real, etc.)  For us here at SM2540, we want to follow Jesus example and meet people on the Street.  That is where is met, taught, healed, etc….He did His ministry on the Street.  Jesus also reminds those listening that if you want to know a way that God, the Father, will separate the righteous from the unrighteous….How people treat one another….Matthew 25:40.

The question I bring forth, today, is do you know what is the moral, civil, philosophy, etc. behind all the signs you see and read.  Including CHURCH buildings.  Do the actions of these companies, ministries, churches match up with what their signs say?

Behind every sign you see lies the philosophy of life, of direction or even the target area.   I pray daily that SM2540 continues to live out the teachings of Jesus and follow His example….that is what our sign means.

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