It has been a month now since we begin our Sunday morning worship. First we are not looking to “steal” members of other groups, or persuade anyone to leave their current places of attendance. We do invite those that have no desire to enter any “mainline” church or have no affiliation to any particular group to “come and see.”  We do reach out to those having a need to connect physically, emotionally and spiritually with others.

We have had 13 different individuals come to worship with us over the last month and have fed 4 others in addition to that. With 6 of those attending multiple t8mes.  With myself that makes 18 people that have chose to come and worship with or at least fellowship with us.

One thing we do not ask, that makes us different, we don’t ask for money or a collection. We have had a few go ahead and donate to the ministry, but no “basket passing” takes place. We do offer hygiene and small bags of food or other physical needs in keeping with our main focus of ministering to their physical needs.

Please keep our ministry in your prayers as we strive to be Christ to those we serve!

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