Apologies for lack of updates

Over the last year or so, we have had a few individuals consider helping us to keep our web site updated, however, nothing has panned out. So we get stuck with little time to update or the know how to do so. Over the next week or so we will be updating our web page […]

In a Pickle with Pierce Part 2!

My son always gives me a reason to chuckle. My son and I are so much a like and like most boys growing up he tried my patience, but he is, his father’s son.  No matter how many times we might have bump heads, he always new when I needed  to laugh. He also has […]

Lunch with Preslie

It’s been awhile since I posted any of the stories with Preslie or Pierce. So, thought it was time to give an update. It’s not so much now I have lunch with Preslie, but more of the evening dinner type. Usually it is custom, has been since she was young to have a daddy/daughter meal […]

“How to” community classes

Good morning! starting in February we will be hosting our community “How to” classes. Volunteers from the community will be hear to teach different how to lessons. These will be hands on! Currently these are the topics and dates for each class schedule at this point. Feb 11 Simple Meal planning and Prep 101 Feb […]

I’m back!

No excuses! I have just neglected this part of the social media world. I’m not good at times keeping up with blogs, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  my wonderful wife made a comment this weekend regarding my lack of doing things on here and she is correct. No excuses…but….I’m back. my promise is to do better at […]


It has been a month now since we begin our Sunday morning worship. First we are not looking to “steal” members of other groups, or persuade anyone to leave their current places of attendance. We do invite those that have no desire to enter any “mainline” church or have no affiliation to any particular group […]

Fundraising, tamales and helping others!

Street Ministries 25:40 is always keeping an eye open to see how we can be a blessing to others. One way we like to help others is by donating funds to students/businesses/groups that are raising funds for something else. Case and point…a former family I know has a son selling tamales to raise funds for […]

This is different

It has been a while since my last post….too long.  I apologize for that. Since my lost post things are different, I guess I don’t have to elaborate on that issue, since 2020 started nothing has been the “same”  kind of like a new season of “Stranger Things”.  Alas, we shall get through this together….6 […]

Lunch with Preslie

As a parent you love watching your kids learn and grow and provide plenty of laughter.  Now that two (kids) are now in their 20’s and being in this new “hood” called adulthood, I still am learning they are continuing to learn, grow and provide more laughter.   Preslie:  Dad, I am not sure what […]

In a Pickle with Pierce

I have decided to add some stories that are about or dealing with my son, Pierce and my daughter, Preslie.  The stories dealing with my son will be called “In a Pickle with Pierce.”  The stories with Preslie will be labeled, “Lunch with Preslie.”  In either blog it will stories we can get from things […]